We are a family of 5th generation farmers using our knowledge & experience from cannabis to cultivate  high quality CBD in rural Illinois. 

We are committed to producing a safe, consistent and compliant product on land we cherish and intend to use for generations to come. 

We are proud to farm using sustainable  and organic practices. 

We are Stoney Branch Ag Ventures and we are  focused on becoming leaders in industrial hemp. 


The hemp market is ever-growing and has the potential to change our world.

While our main focus is our farm, we do offer the following services to help you navigate this new and exciting industry.

Consulting: We offer phone/email consulting, as well as farm visits and tours of our farm to help you succeed. Inquire for a list of services and pricing. 

Custom Farming: Interested in trying hemp for yourself but not interested in the initial equipment investment? We can help you plant and harvest your crop. 

Clone/Seedling Sales: We are working with genetic suppliers to offer a variety of clones and seedlings out of our greenhouses for the 2020 planting season. We will have more information available soon.  


We  have partnered with Western Illinois University  to study hemp  in Illinois this 2019 growing season.  We will study a variety of genetics and how they respond to Illinois growing conditions and soil types. 

Together with our partners, we will strive to collect as much data as possible with the goal to help Illinois farmers introduce this vital crop back into traditional agriculture. 

Research is the first step to normalizing this crop and all of its miraculous benefits. 


Illinois Proud

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Illinois farmland covers nearly 27 million acres and is known for having some of the most fertile soil in the country, even the world. 

This, paired with our climate, allows us to produce generous amounts of corn and soybean each year. This season, famers will have the ability to add hemp into the rotation, giving Illinois access to emerging markets and business. 

Why Hemp


Hemp is gaining attention on a global scale for its endless uses and ability to aid in the fight against climate change . Hemp is currently being grown and manufactured in most of Europe, China & Canada, and with the passing of the 2018 Federal Farm Bill, we can officially add the US to the list. 

The uses and applications of this plant are endless, and Stoney Branch Ag Ventures is helping to pave the way in this new and exciting industry. 


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