We are a family of 5th generation farmers using our knowledge & experience from the Colorado cannabis market to cultivate craft CBD flower in Illinois. 

We are committed to producing a safe, consistent and compliant product on land we cherish and intend to use for generations to come. 

We are proud to farm using sustainable & organic practices. 

We are Stoney Branch Ag Ventures™ and we are  focused on becoming leaders in craft hemp flower.  

  On our family farm and in our greenhouses we cultivate, process and package craft CBD flower for our retail partners. We have complete control over every detail to ensure we are producing the highest quality product on the market.  

We also raise rooted cuttings in our greenhouses to provide to other local hemp farmers. For more information on our genetics, check out our CBD Hemp Genetics page or click the button below. 

Last season we partnered with Western Illinois University to study hemp in Illinois during the 2019 growing season.  We collected data on a variety of genetics and how they responded to Illinois growing conditions and soil types. 

Together with our partners, we strive to collect as much data as possible with the goal to help Illinois farmers introduce this vital crop back into traditional agriculture. 

Research is the first step to normalizing this crop and all of its miraculous benefits. 



Stoney Branch Ag Ventures ™

Illinois, United States

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